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Vape Shop MasterClass (VAPE U I) - For Startups

The First Online Training Course Designed To Help First-Time Vapereneurs Start a Vape Shop

This is where it all started: VAPE U I, and since 2014 we've been continuously upgrading and improving our programs. We've brought together some of the best Thought Leaders in the vape space to get you up and running. This program covers:

I. Successful Business Strategies & Models

II Competitive Positioning & Branding

III. Product Selection (taught by Grimm Green)

IV. Customer Acquisition, Retention & Service

V. Dealing with the Law (taught by Keller and Heckman attorney Azim Chowdhury & Greg Conley, founder of the American Vaping Association)

VI. Social Media & PR

The Vape Shop Master Class can help you launch and grow your vape shop from the ground up.

We have helped more than 45 vapreneur clients one-on-one, and hundreds of online students worldwide- and we can help you, too. What did we learn over the last forty years of entrepreneurship? Join the course to find out.

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